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PVC Roofing

What is PVC Roofing?

PVC, polyvinyl chloride, is a thermoplastic, single-ply roofing membrane. It is placed over an existing roofing structure to form a durable, waterproof, and ultraviolet-resistant surface. At Geo Roofing, we are the Valley’s expert roofing contractor for laying all roofing types, including PVC. This cost-effective membrane creates reliable, long-lasting protection for residential homes and commercial buildings in Phoenix, AZ, which makes it a popular choice for our clients.

How Does Single Ply Roofing Work?

While most single-ply roofing systems are mechanically fastened with screws and plates, there are other forms of installation, like fully adhered and ballasted. With a mechanically attached system, seams of the PVC membranes are overlapped, then held together and safely secured to the roof deck.

When installing a PVC roof using the fully adhered method, our team uses high-quality adhesives and seam tape to secure the roofing material to the below structure. This method tends to be more costly than mechanically attaching a roof due to the high, specific temperatures and waiting periods required. A bonus to an adhered roof is that it can withstand high winds!

Pvc Roofing Phoenix Az
Ballasted Pvc Roof Phoenix

Another way of attaching a PVC (or any single-ply roofing type) is called ballasted. These roofs aren’t attached with fasteners or adhesives. Instead, once the insulation and roofing materials are laid, they are weighed down by concrete pavers or river-washed gravel. Installation is quick, and maintenance is simple. Ballasted roofing can only be used on buildings that can handle the weight of the gravel or pavers at a minimum of 10 pounds per square foot.

Due to its lightweight nature, PVC roofing membranes can often be installed over a dark built-up roof on an existing building, eliminating the need to dispose of old materials in landfills. Additionally, property owners with PVC roofing membranes typically pay less for roof repairs due to the longevity and reliability of the material.

The Benefits of PVC Single-Ply Roofing

Highly Effective and Efficient

  • Reflect 90% of UV Heat Rays
  • Reduces Expensive Cooling Costs During the Summer.
  • Additional Insulation Can be Installed Under the PVC to Increase Efficiency and R-value
  • Meets Energy Star Standards

Added Function

  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • Little to No Maintenance is Required
  • Not Affected by Pooling Water
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Wide Options of Colors Available
  • All Details (pipes, vents, etc) are Welded to the Membrane to Ensure Watertight Seals.

Warranties Readily Available

  • Lifetime Residential Material Warranty on Some Systems (Non-Prorated)
  • Up to 15-Year Material and Labor Commercial Warranties (Non-Prorated)
  • Transferrable Warranties on Materials (Up to 15-Year Warranty Transferability to the Next Owner on Some Systems)

    The Best PVC Roofing Contractors

    At Geo, our roofing professionals have the experience and know-how to install all types of roofing, including PVC membranes. With years of experience in the roofing industry, applying this weather-resistant membrane to both homes and businesses is an easy task for us. Plus, we are licensed general contractors, so if you need repairs done to the structure of your building, we can fix that before working on your roof.

    Have any questions? Give us a call to find out why we are the most trusted name in the Phoenix metro area when it comes to PVC roofing installation.

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