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Foam Roofing

foam roofing

Foam Roofing

Getting the right roof for your property can provide so many benefits. With many roof types lasting 30 years or more, choosing the right one is essential. You want something energy-efficient, affordable, and durable. Foam roofing provides all three, making it ideal for flat roofs on homes and commercial businesses. For foam roofing installation, call our roofing contractors at Geo Roofing.

What Is Foam Roofing?

Foam roofing consists of polyurethane foam. Our professionals deliver this foam directly to your roof using an SPF roofing delivery system. Phoenix-area property owners have been taking advantage of the benefits of polyurethane roofing since the ’60s. Many of these original roofs are still in use today. Its longevity is one of the reasons it’s such a sound investment.

Foam Roofers With a Different Approach

We carefully vet our roofing contractors. Other companies may not take the care that we do when hiring new workers. They may have no idea what the skill level, certifications, experience, or background of these workers are. It may reduce their cost, but they won’t pass savings on to you. It also increases the chance of poor, unqualified workmanship that can lead to fallout you may not fully realize until years later. Why take the risk? Not only that, we can maintain and repair your roof!

Geo Roofing Employs In-House Workers.

Our company backs all of our foam roofing installations with a team of dedicated in-house roofers. All of our employees have to pass skills and background checks before we hire them. We know our roofers on a personal level. We know their skill sets, strengths, and how to utilize them to provide you with the best installation. This resource starts you out on the most substantial footing and guarantees decades of protection from your roof.

Benefits of Foam Roofing Include:

  • foam roof repair by geo roofingSun and heat protection – Foam roofing helps reduce your energy usage and costs. Savings can reach as high as 30%. These savings are thanks to a thermal resistance even more excellent than rubber, modified bitumen, or asphalt.
  • No leaking – With monsoon season occurring yearly, a water-proof roof is a protective roof. Polyurethane foam fills in every nook and cranny. It’s self-flashing and delivers nearly total leak resistance.
  • Reduced maintenance – You’ll be hard-pressed to find a lower maintenance material. Spray roofing is waterproof, insulating, durable, and can last the lifetime of your building. Ask us about a re-coating schedule to ensure you get the most from your roof.
  • Your affordable option – Pricing for a foam roof is comparable to single ply roofing. It lasts much longer, though. Factor in the energy savings, and you’ve got an affordable roof that actively saves you money every month. We also provide emergency repairs in case of water or hail damage.

Contact Us For Foam Roofing Installation!

We’re dedicated to our customers. Every step is taken from material quality assurance to employee vetting and follow-up to make sure you get the best local, professionally installed foam roof. You can rely on Geo Roofing, so call or contact us today for protection and affordability from your new roof.