About Geo Roofing

At Geo Roofing, we believe in many things, providing flexible services to fit our customer’s needs, utilizing environmentally friendly materials to benefit not only our customers but also the planet, and providing overall excellent customer service.

Geo Roofing co-owner Mike Peterson says, “We dedicate our personal attention to each job. We understand that each situation is unique, and we strive to create a flexible solution that caters to our customer’s needs and budget.”

When you’re looking for a roofing company that has your best interest at heart, you can rely on Geo Roofing!

What Sets Us Apart From Other Roofing Companies?
We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all method. We provide our services based on our customer’s individual needs. When we get a call from a customer, we don’t just give out a random quote and install a standard roof. Instead, we take the time to listen to our customers and establish their short and long term goals as well as their budget. Our flexibility allows us to offer more than most other roofing companies. We offer more than just one roofing system and explain the pros and cons of each to our customers, allowing them to have the knowledge to decide. What we do is not a sales job; it is an educational process.

What Partnerships Do We Have?
When it comes to the brands of roofing materials that we use, it depends on the needs and budget of our customers. Geo Roofing proudly provides most major roofing brands like IB Roof Systems.

What Certifications And Memberships Do We Have?
In the roofing industry, there is an arsenal of certifications and requirements to do the work that we do. Geo Roofing has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and active members of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors since 2009.

What About Energy Efficiency?
Our name is Geo Roofing for a reason. We believe in finding solutions that benefit not only our customers but also the planet. Arizona is known for many things, including its warm weather. On a regular asphalt shingle roof, the direct sunlight would absorb a significant amount of heat, causing the home and business owners to increase their air conditioning resulting in an unnecessary waste of energy. We provide our customers with Energy Star Rated roofing materials that reflect the heat of the sun, saving them money and taking less of a toll on the environment.

What Warranties Do We Offer?
We offer a variety of warranty options to suit our customer’s needs. From a two year to a lifetime warranty, we’ve got you covered. For people that are planning on selling their homes, shorter warranty time is better. Whereas someone who has just bought a new home and needs to replace the roof might want to opt for the lifetime warranty. Either way, when you hire Geo Roofing, you can rest easy knowing you’re protected.

Who Are The Points Of Contact During A Project?
During any of our roofing jobs, there are always four points of contact for our customers to reach out to. The crew leader, project manager, estimator/salesperson, and the office staff are all available to answer any questions or concerns our customers might have throughout their project.

What Plans Are In Place For Inclement Weather?
While Arizona is a hot and dry climate, heavy rainfall is not uncommon, especially during the monsoon season between June and September. Our team at Geo Roofing does not come unprepared. We pay close attention to the weather, and all of our roofers are trained for wet weather events.

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