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Scottsdale understands the difference a good roofer makes. When you call Geo Roofing you know that only qualified and professional roofing contractors will visit you at your home or business. We handle all our own roof repair in Scottsdale. Having our own in-house employees’ means each of our roofing pros has been thoroughly vetted for skills and experience; that is our commitment to you.

What are the leading causes of roof related damage?

We live in a hot dry climate, so certain problems aren’t as prevalent as others. Hail storms are uncommon, but monsoon season comes without fail. If you believe you may have any of the following problems, contact Roof repair Scottsdale immediately

. Repairing your roof before Scottsdale weather takes a turn is crucial.

  • Poor flashing installation causes water damage. Flashing is the protective layer between your roof and shingles, shakes, etc. When this isn’t installed correctly it exposes the inside of your home to water damage. User error or poor materials can cause faster than average flash wear or tear. Water damage leads to mold and restoration costs. If you suspect a flashing issue, contact us now—monsoon season is the leading reason for storm damage repair. Are you ready?
  • Wind damage is a multi-front assault on your roof. Not only is the wind responsible for tearing off roof shingles, it can bring down trees, branches, and blow other projectiles right into your roof. These don’t have to hit hard to do damage. Even a light hit can take off protective layers and expose the underlayer. One your underlayer dries out due to sun exposure? You won’t have any water protection in that spot.
  • Pests can indicate roof damage. Scottsdale is home to roof rats, pigeons, scorpions, ants, and other pests. They are always looking for a way inside, and the roof is a perfect entry point. If you are currently experiencing pest-related issues it may be time to have your roof inspected. It is the fastest and easiest way to identify roof damage, repair it, and secure your home.

Lack of maintenance is the #1 cause of roof damage. Have you had your roof inspected?

The best way to avoid needing small or large roof repairs in the first place is to stay current and informed with regular roof inspections. As a professional roofing contractor, Geo Roofing knows what to look for in roof repair. We are able to identify small details which can lead to a leaking roof, such as a cracked tile or asphalt shingle before it contributes to a larger roof repair problem. Keeping up with these concerns as they occur will help avoid a larger, more costly roof repair in Scottsdale.

A great roof starts with the installation.

As dedicated roofers, we carefully go over each detail of our roof repair or roof installation in Scottsdale with you. Using only the best roofing materials and high-tech equipment we ensure your roof will stand the test of time, every time. With our rock solid warranties and guaranteed labor you can trust your roof repair in Scottsdale will be made to hold up for years to come.

We offer free written estimates, warranties, and guarantees, work that is done on time and on schedule, emergency services, and financing options! With all that it is no wonder, we are the premier service provider for roof repair in Scottsdale.

Get your roof repaired your way.

When roof repair is necessary, Geo Roofing examines every option to provide multiple suggestions for the repair. At times a localized repair may be all you need while other times it may be best to do a tear-off and re-roofing. In either case we will offer you sound advice and an accurate and competitive written estimate—which allows you to make an educated decision.

From commercial roof repair in Scottsdale to residential roof repair in Scottsdale, Geo Roofing has the equipment, experience, and know-how for any sized project and any style of roof. We work with TPO, single ply, and PVC as well as metal roofing, tile, and flat roofs just to name a few.

If your roof repair goes beyond just damage to the roof, we are able to handle that as well. As full-service general contractors, Geo Roofing offers insurance restoration in Scottsdale as well. We can also repair and restore interior and exterior fire damage and water damage.

Geo Roofing is a locally-owned business dedicated to complete customer satisfaction!

Contact us today and avail our roof repair  Scottsdale service  and see the difference Geo Roofing makes.