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As licensed, bonded, and trusted roofing contractor in Scottsdale we are able to meet all your roofing needs and more. A big reason which allows us to guarantee our work is because we are roofing contractors that only use our own in-house professionals. Most folks are not aware that some roofing companies get your call and send an independent contractor they may or may not know much about. With Geo Roofing we only send in-house staffed professionals to you. We know they are the best because we are the roofing contractors we send.

Experienced and Trusted Roofing Contractors

Experience is everything in roofing. As trusted roofing contractors we have long-standing experience going back decades. As dedicated roofing contractors in Scottsdale we pay attention to the details in every roof repair and installation we do. No matter the style or type of roof, we have the equipment and know-how to do it right.

Quality Roofing Contractors

Not only as professional roofing contractors do we have the decades of experience and training which you would expect, we also use only the highest quality materials. From TPO roofs to tile roofing and everything in between, we use products with the longest warranties from the top quality brands. Our expertise covers both commercial and residential roofing, from metal roofing, to flat roofs, and more, we handle any style and type of roofing of any size.

As the best roofing contractors in Scottsdale we offer:

roofing contractor scottsdale arizona

  • No hidden fees. We offer clear, thorough, and detailed written estimates going over the full scope of work to keep you fully informed.
  • Commercial and residential roofing services.
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.
  • Work is done on schedule and on budget.
  • Available financing and payment options.
  • High customer ratings as well as with the BBB.
  • We are a locally owned and operated business.
  • Full restoration services available.

If your roof repair in Scottsdale has been caused by fire or water damage, as general contractors we are able to repair the interior damage as well as the roof and exterior of your home or business. From flooring, to cabinetry, to drywall and more, we are the only full-service contractors you need.

While offering quality roofing services in the area, Geo Roofing also stays focused on affordability. We keep our rates reasonable and pass along any savings we find, such as bulk discounts, onto our customers.

Whether you need a roof inspection, partial roof repair, restoration services, or a roof installation, we are the roofing contractor in Scottsdale you can count on.

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Our roofing contractors enjoy working in Scottsdale because the area has so much to offer. From the many spas and resorts, to the golf courses and shopping centers, this is a city that pampers!