Metal Roofing

Metal roofing in Paradise Valley is one of the most practical roofing options you can buy. It delivers durability and strength that exceed nearly every other roofing material. Most commonly perceived as being mostly used for commercial properties, the steel system is actually also a very popular choice in residential settings but not as well known because of its ability to look exactly like wood shake, tile, or even asphalt shingles.

It’s ideal when reliability and maintenance are major concerns. Whether you’re looking into repairs, a new installation, tear-off and replacement, or maintenance, the roofing contractors at Geo Roofing can furnish your home or office building with a professionally installed metal roof built to last.

Metal Roof Benefits

Metal Roofing Paradise Valley

  • Deflect heat with a stone coated metal roof. These roofs are installed over an elevated batten system. This creates airflow between the reflective metal roof and the panels below. Pairing these create an amazingly efficient roof that actively cools. That means less air conditioning year round.
  • Metal roofing is wind resistant. Wind can be a serious problem during monsoon season. The highest recorded winds in Arizona have reached 115 miles per hour. Our warrantied metal roofing is guaranteed to sustain in winds up to 120 miles per hour. That’s protection you can depend on.
  • Metal is one of the most durable roofing options. Our roofing comes from several different manufacturers. Their warranties cover metal roofing from 50 years to a lifetime. The average lifespan of the material is 40 – 70 years. That’s one of the highest available.

Choose from a wide range of metal roofing designs.

A metal roof doesn’t have to be plain. Modern methods have produced metal roofing in a wide range of designs. These can mimic other roofing types and materials. We have an excellent relationship with local materials suppliers and get high-grade roofing materials at a reduced cost. That means you can choose from a surplus of options at an economical price. Metal roofing options include:

Your Metal Roof Specialists

Metal Roofs Paradise Valley
As a local roofing company, we know the importance of employing local labor. That’s why all of our employees are in-house. We know the capabilities, strengths, and experience levels of our roofers and always use the right person for the job. This elevates the quality of our metal roofing services, allowing us to exercise the highest degree of quality control at every single level.

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Now is the time to consider metal roofing for your next build. The benefits are numerous and excellent for home and business owners alike. Paradise Valley had relied on us for leak-free roofing for more than a decade. Experience the difference a dependable local metal roofing company can make for your property, and call or contact us today to discuss your options.