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Foam Roofing

So what is Foam Roofing anyway? Foam roofing is a sprayed-on polyurethane foam that doubles as both a roofing material as well as an insulator. Because the foam is sprayed on as a liquid it is able to get into every facet of a roof, creating a strong, dependable weather-resistant protection. Our roofing contractors offers premier foam roofing in Phoenix.

There are many reason to apply a foam roof:

  • Sun and heat protection – This thermal resistant insulator protects against that harsh heat and rays of the sun. Foam roofing can save energy costs as much as 30%.
  • No leaks – This seamless protection creates a single membrane that covers an entire roof. All joints and crevices are sealed, making the roof more leak resistant and weather resilient in these vulnerable areas.
  • Sustainable – The strong durability of the polyurethane material gives it an indefinite lifespan. No upkeep is required to continue the waterproofing and insulating properties of a foam roof.
  • Inexpensive – As compared to other roof repair and re-roofing options, installing a foam roof is one of the most economical choices available.

Commercial Foam Roofing

Adding foam roofing is an energy-efficient and inexpensive way to protect your roof. Foam roofs are especially popular for commercial roofing. This top coat can save untold amounts of money by protecting a roof from damage, creating energy savings, and decreasing the need for further roof repair.

Foam Roofing Contractor

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Our experienced contractors know how to clean and prepare a roof for foam coating. This preparation is imperative to a successful foam installation. In addition, all foam roof installations are topped with a coating specifically designed to handle the exposure to the sun’s heat and ultraviolet radiation. It also protects against moisture build-up.

Contact us today for an estimate on foam roofing in Phoenix for your home or business. Our licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractors are here to answer your questions and offer you a hassle-free, no-pressure quote.

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