Foam Roofing

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Our roofing contractors know that are a wide variety of options for roofing available in Fountain Hills. Depending on your budget and needs, some make more sense than others. When you want incredible protection and affordability in one place, you want Geo Roofing. We provide total service for foam roofing Fountain Hills homeowners can rely on for a lifetime. That’s because with foam roofing, Fountain Hills buildings enjoy extensive cost-saving measures.

What is foam roofing?

Foam roofing is foam made of polyurethane. Our specialists spray it directly onto your roof. Also called SPF Roofing, spray foam roofing is a younger technology. Though an average lifespan hasn’t been clearly defined, many buildings that received foam roofing in the 60’s and 70’s are still used today. With proper care these roofs can last longer than 50 years. This makes them a sound investment, but you have to have them installed by professionals.

Professional Foam Roofing with a Difference

Many roofing companies sub-contract. That means they employ workers that may or may not have the right skills to do the job. This unknown quality adds risk onto the buyer. As the customer, you take on all the risk while the business pockets the difference. Cheaper labor means the overall project is cheaper, and a business that sub-contracts will rarely pass those savings onto the client. Not only that, unskilled workers can easily compromise the final product.

We never sub-contract!

When they choose us for foam roofing, Fountain Hills building owners get roofing from our team of dedicated in-house roofers. We background check, personally know, and verify the skills of every technician and roofer on our staff. We know how and when to effectively use the skills of our craftspeople, so you get a quality built product made to last. With correct application you can enjoy the many advantages of a spray foam roof.

Foam Roofing Benefits Include:

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  • Heat and sun protection – Foam roofing installation can lower energy costs by 30% or more. This is due to its high resistance to thermal heat—a resistance that actually exceeds asphalt, modified bitumen, and rubber.
  • No leaking – Since it is installed as a foam, roofing Fountain Hills buildings have applied by our company fills every gap. This makes it one of the most leak resistant roofing options available. It is even self flashing.
  • Sustainable – Spray foam roofing requires very little maintenance. It keeps its insulating properties, waterproofing, and durability for a hypothetically indefinite time. This makes it supremely environmentally friendly.
  • Affordable – Foam roof is a cost effective option. It is roughly as much as single ply roofing but lasts much longer. These savings are increased over the course of ownership by energy usage reductions.

Contact us for foam roofing today!

We’re skilled foam roofing contractors, and take every necessary precaution to make sure you get a professionally installed, long lasting foam roof. We use high grade materials applied with precision by dependable local technicians. When you want foam roofing Fountain Hills trusts to last, call (602) 910-4841 or contact us today.

Other Services Include: