Foam Roofing

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Our roofing contractors know that there are a number of options for roofing Flagstaff homes and buildings. Depending on budgetary constraints and needs, certain types may be more beneficial. When you’re looking for a high degree of protection at an affordable price point, you want Geo Roofing. With foam roofing, Flagstaff property owners can get reliable roofing for a lifetime. That’s because with foam roofing, Flagstaff buildings benefit from built-in cost-cutting measures and durability.

What is foam roofing?

Foam roofing is constructed from polyurethane. Our technicians spray it onto your existing roof. Also referred to as SPF roofing, spray foam roofing has been in use for less than 100 years. This means its lifespan is unknown, but only because the original spray foam roofs on many buildings from the 60’s and 70’s are still protecting homeowners today. With regular maintenance, these roofs can last well beyond 50 years. This makes them a reliable investment, but you have to have them professionally installed.

Professional Foam Roofing with a Difference

Roofing companies frequently sub-contract labor. That means they employ workers without checking skill levels, specialties, or even basic proficiency. This risk is carried over to you and your roof. The business saves money, and you may not experience problems until years later. Cutting down labor costs makes a project cost less, but a business willing to sub-contract rarely passes these savings on to you. Are you willing to risk the very integrity of your home for a sub-contractor?

We never sub-contract!

When they come to use for foam roofing, Flagstaff building owners get roofing performed by dedicated, in-house craftsmen. Our roofers all undergo background checks and skill verification before hiring. We know them, we work with them every day, and we trust them. You will too when you see how effectively our technicians and roofers work. Providing you with a quality roof is our highest priority. With our expertise you can enjoy the many benefits of a spray foam roof.

Foam Roofing Benefits Include:

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  • Heat and sun protection – The installation of foam roofing can reduce the cost of energy by up to 30%. This is because of its extreme resistance to thermal heat that exceeds modified bitumen, rubber, and even asphalt.
  • No leaking – Since it is applied as a foam, roofing Flagstaff property has installed by our specialists conforms to the structure and doesn’t leave any gaps. This makes it nearly impermeable to water, providing top-notch leak prevention.
  • Sustainable – Spray foam roofing is incredibly easy to maintain. Its waterproofing, insulating properties, and durability do not degrade over time. This durability makes it an environmentally sound choice.
  • Affordable – Foam roof is very cost effective. Its price is comparable to single ply roofing, but it lasts much longer on average. By reducing energy usage savings actually increase over the course of ownership.

Contact us for foam roofing today!

We’re experienced foam roofing contractors, and take the required steps to supply you with a long lasting, perfectly installed foam roof. We use high grade polyurethane applied with skill by local in-house technicians. When you want foam roofing Flagstaff trusts to last, call (602) 910-4841 or contact us today.

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