Foam Roofing

Foam Roofing Cave Creek

There are an incredible variety of roofing options available for homes and commercial businesses. Finding the right material and roofing contractor guarantees you get the right roof for your needs and a flawless installation. For elemental protection and affordable pricing, many residents prefer foam roofing in Cave Creek. At Geo Roofing we can help you explore these benefits and determine if a foam roof is your best option.

What is foam roofing?

The foam used in this roofing material is made of polyurethane. Our technicians use special sprayers and mixers to deliver it right to your rooftop. SPF roofing has existed since the 60’s, making it a relatively modern technology. It hasn’t existed long enough to determine an average lifespan, but many foam roofs that were originally applied 5o years ago are still in use today. This makes them a very sound investment when installed by professionals.

Foam roofers with a difference.

Many foam roofing contractors in Cave Creek turn to sub-contracting in order to reduce costs. They hire workers that may not have the skills, certifications, or experience to deliver on their promises of quality. That risk is transferred to the customer. Not only that, the money saved by the contractor is rarely passed back to the consumer. You’re left with compromised work and a falsely inflated cost.

Geo Roofing uses In-House Workers!

Our company backs their installations with a dedicated team of in-house roofers. Every employee undergoes background checks and skill tests before hiring. We know our roofers personally, we know their skill sets, and we utilize our craftsmen to the best of their abilities. This provides you with a better roof installation. Enjoy the benefits of your roof. Choose the company that never sub-contracts for foam roofing.

Benefits of Foam Roofing Include:

Foam Roofers Cave Creek

  • Heat and sun protection – Foam roofing installations are an ideal way to reduce energy costs by up to 30%. They have a high thermal resistance that is greater than modified bitumen, rubber, and even asphalt.
  • No leaking – Cave Creek buildings with foam roofing are almost completely leak resistant. Foam roofing fills up every nook and cranny in addition to self-flashing.
  • Low maintenance – Spray roofing doesn’t take much to upkeep. It’s durable, waterproof, insulates well, and lasts upwards of 50 years. This makes it an incredibly green option.
  • Total affordability – A foam roof is very affordable. It’s priced roughly the same as single ply roofing, but lasts much longer. These savings add up over time when you factor in energy savings as well.

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We take every step to provide you with the highest quality, longest lasting professionally installed foam roof. All procedures are carried out by fully vetted, skilled, local tradesmen and technicians you can rely on. Get affordability and protection in one package. Call or contact us today.