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flat roofs phoenix No matter the type of flat roof, the size, or the extent of the damage, Geo Roofing‘s contractors have the experience and expertise to handle all flat roofs in Phoenix. Our accurate quotes, timely scheduling, and affordable pricing have made us the flat roof contractors of choice in the Phoenix area.

Why do you need proper flat roof construction?

Flat roofs require the right drainage to be successful. Geo Roofing knows how to scrape all damaged areas and get the angles of the repair material laid to the right specifications to ensure adequate rain run-off is imperative. It takes experience and know-how. There are many layers to a flat roof system as well and a wide variety of options. Reflective flat roofing materials like Neoprene and EPDM don’t capture heat like traditional modified bitumen roofs.

What are the components of a flat roof?

  • A protective membrane is required for certain roof types. This is the last defense against water damage. Certain compounds like foam roofs are nearly impervious to water penetration. Foam offers great insulating properties, but you still need a correctly installed flat roof for this type of retrofit.
  • The roofing material must be laid down correctly. For a roof made out of modified bitumen, a finished roof must be at least 3 – 4 layers deep. As flat roofing contractors with decades of experience in the Phoenix area, we never cut corners. Our roofs are laid to correct specifications to provide the best weather resistance and durability.
  • Without the proper pitch, you will suffer from water damage. It may be barely noticeable, but flat roofs are pitched from 1/4 to a 1/2 inch per foot. This prevents pooling and allows water to properly drain. We carefully measure pitch before any roof is laid down, and remeasure it when the roof is finished.

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Put Your Flat Roof in the Right Hands

Our licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractors have that required experience to repair flat roofs so that they drain correctly. We also use superior materials from the top manufacturers in order to guarantee a flat roof will hold up over time. Our quality sealant is the final touch that ensures your flat roof is protected from sun and moisture alike.

Flat Roof Contractor

  • Our long list of satisfied flat roof customers in the Phoenix, AZ area attest to the excellent work we do. Much of our clientele comes from happy customer referrals.
  • The skill our contractors have in getting a flat roof done right, the first time, has afforded Geo Roofing a reputation as the go-to flat roof repair company in Phoenix.
  • Call today for your flat roof repair estimate. Our friendly roofing contractors will come out to your home or business quickly. We offer you transparent, competitive pricing and are happy to answer all your flat roof repair questions.

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